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12/04/2009 Update of Sales-site Sales
11/23/2009 Salwina by San Remo - Wittinger found a new home. We wish lots of fun to her new owner here in Germany in the Rhine area, as well as lots of success with Salwina in sports!  
11/22/2009 Update of Sales-site Sales
Our geldings Di Napoli and Rocking Horse found new homes via today's 121th Hanoverian Elite Auction: Di Napoli will be prepared for sports in Southern Germany (Baden-Wurttemberg) and Rocking Horse remains in the Bremen area with a reliable and very good trainer.
We wish lots of fun to both Ladies who own these two dressage talents now!
09/28/2009 Our mare Delia by De Niro - Wittinger found a new home in the Rhine area. We send our congratulations to her now owner and wish lots of fun and success in sports!  
09/26/2009 Update of Sales-site Sales
09/21/2009 Our geldings Donatus (Di Napoli) and Rocking Horse are listet ind the collection of the 121st Hanoverian Elite Auction, taking place on Oct. 09/10, 2009.
More info under
Don George by Don Gregory - Pablo is still succesful in eventing sports in Great Britain!
He qualified in the Burningmahm Market Regional Qualifier for the Mitsubishi Motors Grassroots Festival in Badminton, Great Britiain, held on April 29 and 30, 2010.
George won the BE100RF - BE100 Regional Final under his owner and permanent rider, Mrs. Carolina Bridge.
08/22/2009 Update of Sales-site Sales
08/16/2009 Our former mare Grünkehlchen (VA) by Graf Top - Pablo won today her first jumping class S!
She won under Mr. Thorsten Pander in the "Grosse Preis von Timmel" after having been penalty free in the final in 45,17 seconds.
This was the cherry on the top of the cream of a succesful competition season. In Bremen-Oberneuland she placed 5th in a S** during the Regional Championship of Bremen and in Rastede she achieved under her permanent rider Thorsten Pander a 3rd and a 5th place in two jumpings class S.
Grünkelchen (VA) was sold by us as 5 y. old mare named Grapina via the Verden Elite Auction in autumn 2006 and is on the way to get her 30th placement in a jumpoing class S this summer according to her rider.
Congratulations to the Pander Family and the Brinkmeyer Family for this marvelous success!

07/02/2009 Update of Sales-site Sales
06/18/2009 Update of Sales-site Sales
06/13/2009 Foals 2009 Foals 2009
06/10/2009 Foals 2009 Foals 2009
06/08/2009 Foals 2009 Foals 2009
06/07/2009 Our gelding Rocking Horse has been competing the first time ever in a material class competition for 3 and 4 y. old horse today and won straight away. The rider was our trainer Carolin-Deike Akkermann.
05/06/2009 Update of Sales-site Sales
04/01/2009 Foals 2009 Foals 2009
03/31/2009 Our trainer Mrs. Ingrid Wilkens has left our team today on her own request. We would like to thank her for almost 16 years of successful cooperation at our farm and wish Ingrid lots of fortune for her further journey through life.
03/28/2009 Our mare Dauphine by Dauphin -Brentano II was sold today in foal to Londontime. She remains in the Hanoverian Breeding Program here in Germany.
We wish lots of joy and luck for the breeding season 2009 to her new owners!
03/08/2009 Foals 2009 Foals 2009
02/20/2009 Update of Sales-site Sales
01/04/2009 Update of Sales-site Sales
12/08/2008 Update of Sales-site Sales
11/24/2008 We have a new family member: the German Sheppard Benno will from now on welcome all guests at Hof Kleemeyer.

11/08/2008 Our gelding Hennessy by Hohenstein - De Niro was sold today via the Verden November Auction to Bavaria. We wish his new owner lotf of luck and fun with him! Sold
10/04/2008 Our devoted family member, German Shepherd Enzo has fallen into sleep for ever today aged 11 years.


Don George by Don Gregory - Pablo (Breeder: Harm Kleemeyer) won today the Final of the Intro Championship (Eventing) in Great Britatin. Congratulations to Caroline and gorgeous George!


08/09/2008 Update of Sales-site Sales
08/03/2008 Our filly by Florencio - Donnerhall (see 07/30/08) has placed 14th out  of 20 in the Final of the Hanoverian Foal Championship with a total score of 25,2.
07/30/2008 Our filly by Florencio out of Donna Akita by Donnerhall - Akzent I won as youngest foal of the Hanoverian Foal Championship in Verden the 7th division with a total score of 4 x 8,2 = 32,8.
She is herewith qualified for the Final on Sunday, August 03, 2008. In total 89 foals born 2008 competed in the show after having qualified in regional Foal Shows for this Championship.
07/22/2008 Pictures & Results of the Foals Show 2008 of the Sudweyhe Horse Breeding Guild Foals 2008
07/02/2008 13th Foal 2008 Foals 2008
06/30/2008 Our own-bred 3 y. old mare Halina by Hochadel - Lanthan was sold to a owner in Slovakia. Halina remains for now at Hof Kleemeyer as boarding broodmare. Sold
06/15/2008 12th Foal 2008 Foals 2008
06/11/2008 11th Foal 2008 Foals 2008
06/10/2008 10th Foal 2008 Foals 2008

Mrs. Ingrid Wilkens wins the Bronze Medal in the Bremen Senior Dressage Championships in Bremen-Oberneuland with Sherglana.

Competition Horses
06/03/2008 9th Foal 2008 Foals 2008
06/01/2008 Update of Sales-site Sales
05/31/2008 8th Foal 2008 Foals 2008
05/29/2008 Our own-bred 3 y. old gelding Heini I by His Highness - Sherlock Holmes has as first Kleemeyer horse ever left our farm direction Russian Federation. We wish lots of pleasure to his new owner with Hennessy VS, as he is supposed to be named from now on. Sold
05/22/2008 7th Foal 2008 Foals 2008
05/13/2008 6th Foal 2008 Foals 2008
05/11/2008 5th Foal 2008 Foals 2008
05/06/2008 4th Foal 2008 Foals 2008
04/26/2008 3rd Foal 2008 Foals 2008
04/18/2008 Update of Sales-site Sales
04/17/2008 2nd Foal 2008 Foals 2008
03/26/2008 Our gelding Charlie by Contendro - Westwall - Argentan took the road to Great Britain today and will be living as Christian's Choice in a box next to our former gelding Don George (Delmondo,
see e.g. 05/05/07). We wish lots of lcuk & dun fo Caroline & Christian Bridge!
03/10/2008 Update of Sales-site Sales
03/08/2008 Our former gelding Don George who went to GB via the Hanoverian May auction 2007 (auction name Delmondo, see 05/05/07) is continuing his triumphal march. He started today in his first eventing competition ever at the Oasby Horse Trials and won immediately! 
Congratulations, Caroline & George!
02/22/2008 1st Foal 2008 Foals 2008
02/08/2008 Don George (former name Delmondo, see 05/05/07) won today
a Dodson and Horrell Novice Qualifier (5 yr old dressage horses).
Congratulations, Caroline and "George"!
02/08/2008 Update of Sales-site Sales
01/02/2008 The stallion Wilkens by Waterford - Falkland which we sold via the Hanoverian Stallion Licensing in October 2006 to Denmark is now available for breeders at the Stud WM in Reessum, Germany.
Wilkens is accepted for Hanoverian and Oldenburg.
12/09/07 The 4 y. old gelding Dancing Elvis by Del Piero - Espri has been sold today at the P.S.I. for 700.000 Euro to an international successful dressage stable in the USA. We bought Dancing Elvis as a foal and raised him up and trained him until he was sold via the Hanoveriann Elite Auction in October 2006 to the Kasselmann stable.
We wish lots of luck to his new owners with this super dressage talent!
11/10/07 Our gelding Devil's Commission (barn name Dujardin) by Dauphin - Sherlock Holmes was sold today via the Verden November Auction to France / Vosges. Good luck and lots of fun to his new owner!


10/28/07 Update of Sales-site Sales
10/14/07 Update of Sales-site Sales
06/26/07 List of Foals Show 2007 Foals Show 2007

Mrs. Ingrid Wilkens wins the Bronze Medal in the Bremen Senior Dressage Championships in Bremen-Oberneuland with Savaldo.

Competition Horses
06/10/07 Ingrid Wilkens places 2nd with Sherglana (834) in the Inter I at the  Hubertus RV in Bremen. Competition Horses
06/09/07 Ingrid Wilkens places 4th in the Prix. St. Georges at the  Hubertus RV in Bremen with Savaldo (815). With  Sherglana (797) she places 9th.  Competition Horses
06/08/07 Ingrid Wilkens places 4th in the Dressage competition class M at the Hubertus RV in Bremen with Savaldo (715). With Sherglana (711) she places 7th. Competition Horses
06/08/07 The mare "Ehranerin" by Escudo I - Calypso II became today winner of her class in the Mare Show in Bruchhausen-Vilsen as well as "Best Jumping Mare of the Show". She is owned by Mrs. Patricia von Freymann and is being trained and presented in sports by Hof Kleemeyer.  
06/07/07 Don George (former name Delmondo, see 05/05/07) won today
in GB a qualifier for Nuumed Potential International for 4 yr old
dressage horses. Congratulations, Caroline & George!
05/26/07 9th Foal 2007 Foals 2007
05/22/07 8th Foal 2007 Foals 2007
13/05/07 Ingrid Wilkens places 2nd in the Prix St. Georges in Verden with Savaldo (809).  
12/05/07 Don George (auction name Delmondo - see 05/05/07) won today his first competition in Great Britain under hie new owner and qualified immediately for Shearwater Great Britain Young Horse Dressage Championships in July! Congratulations,  "George" and Caroline!
05/10/07 7th Foal 2007 Foals 2007
05/08/07 6th Foal 2007 Foals 2007
05/06/07 Ingrid Wilkens places 7th in the Inter I in Höven with Sherglana (773).  
05/05/07 "Wilkens" (see 27/10/06) was licensed by the Danish Warmblood Association and is now  available at Stald Cajus in Denmark.  
05/05/07 Ingrid Wilkens wins the Prix St. Georges in Höven with Sherglana (799).  
05/05/07 Our gelding Delmondo by Don Gregory-Pablo was sold today via the Verden May Auction 2007 to Great Britain. Congratulations to Mrs. Caroline Bridge!  
04/29/07 4th and 5th Foal 2007 Foals 2007
04/28/07 Ingrid Wilkens places 2nd in the Prix St. Georges in Wildeshausen with Sherglana (811). With Savaldo (785) she also placed 5th.  
04/28/07 Update of Sales-site Sales
04/28/07 Update of Sales-site Sales
04/14/07 Our mare First Lady by Fielmann-Lanthan was sold today via the Verden Spring Elite Auction to Great Britain.  
03/06/07 2nd and 3rd Foal 2007 Foals 2007
02/23/07 1st Foal 2007 Foals 2007


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